Signe Mørkeberg Sjøstrøm is a fashion, editorial and advertising photographer currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Her daily life, her thoughts and feelings are her inspirations. Also dominant fashion approaches of dreamy femininity, soft sensuality with psychological and philosophical aspects. From the customers’ wishes, Signe Mørkeberg Sjøstrøm develops the “frames” that form her work. she is a sucker for location shoots – as she love the light of day. Signe visualizes a lot, before taking a picture – knowing exactly how she wants the end result. She is a perfectionist when it comes to her art, and she believes that in every art, a glimpse of the artist’s soul is visible. Signe Mørkeberg Sjøstrøm believes in the creativity in art with a feminine edge, adventurous twists and psychological aspects. Signe is also one of the experts on the creative platform Where she guides photographers in their photographic development. Last but not least is she also tutors fashion photography workshops.

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“Signe conducts herself with utmost professionalism. She works well with models of all experience levels and seems to never run out of creative ideas. While making the model feel at ease, Signe also considers input during the creative process. her knowledge about photography and intuition about people, give her the ability to capture an individual’s uniqueness and personality on film. I recommend Signe to anyone who wants amazing images. Working with this highly talented, highly driven individual you are guaranteed satisfaction and extraordinary results. If you are seeking a consistent, experienced photographer with a great eye,Signe Mørkeberg Sjøstrøm, is for you” 
Joe Bruce, CPH vision fashion fair

“Signe Mørkeberg Sjøstrøm has taken photos of the judges at the Danish Beauty Award for several years. It has always resulted in beautiful and exciting pictures. The judge images have been presented on the big screen at the award shows, and we have all been proud to be shown in large format because Signe has done such a fantastic photographic work. Signe is highly professional, creative and competent. And it is always great fun to work with Signe during photo shoots.”
Anne-Dorte Mathiesen
Founder & President Danish Beauty Award

“Great results, Good personality, high integrity“
Anne Absalon
Former chief editor Modemagasinet IN, Aller media

“Truly a pleasure to work with Signe. Is highly efficient and high quality in the work she has done. Only highly recommended”
Kim Hellmuth
CEO and Founder of Sincera

“Signe is an amazing photographer… Her work is outstanding… 
She always has a beautiful wibe in her work… She is very dedicated to anything she does…..”
Per Hillo, Art painter

“It is such a pleasure to work with Signe. In the best way possible she challenges us and helps us develop our ideas. She easily understands the look we need – and she gives us just that! Signe’s artwork is an important element of establishing Thi Thao as a newcomer in the minds of high-end fashion lovers. “
Vi Ramlov Hyttel
Designer and owner of Thi Thao

“Signe is a magnificent fashion, beauty and advertisement photographer to work with. I have shot both campaigns and editorials with her and I can only recommend her for future work. Her approach, imagination and ease around the set, the crew, the client and the model makes a long and hard day of shooting feel like you are hanging out with a really good friend. Yet, she is super professional, demanding and always delivers on time. In my eyes the perfect combination. I have only good words and wishes for this talented photographer and can’t wait to work with her again.!” 
Kristina Korsholm, Actress, & writer, L.A USA

“I’ve worked with Signe for different kind of shootings – making our lookbooks, portraits of myself and my family, both in studio and on locations. For each shoot Signe has been a pleasure to work with, always having good ideas and being very professional both before the shoot when deciding how the photo should be, and then on the shoot. Also, she has a very good spirit and energy – which is very important to get the perfect pictures. I love working with her, and can highly recommend her work.”
Mai Manniche
Creative Director/Owner JEWLSCPH

“I love Signe!”
Stasia, Danish designer

“Signe is a star”
Lasse Spangenberg, Danish designer